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Sailing ship The term sailing ship is now used to refer to any large wind-powered vessel. In technical terms, a ship was a sailing vessel with a specific rig of at least three masts, square rigged on all of them, making the sailing adjective redundant. In popular usage “ship” became associated with all large sailing… Read Article →

BERLIN – Greece will receive its next batch of bailout loans in time to avoid a disastrous default, the finance minister said Tuesday, as stock markets rallied on hopes that the prime minister would discuss new ways of solving the crisis with Germany’s leader later in the day. Reports that European leaders are considering bolder… Read Article →

“He who is to win my heart, my dear, must be harsh and unbending with Men, but gentle with women. His eagle eye must have power to quell With a single glance the least approach to ridicule. He will have a Pitying smile for those who would jeer at sacred things, above all, at That… Read Article →

Let me explain what is unicycle. Unicycle is a human-powered, single-track vehicle with one wheel. If you’re new to unicycling, you probably never imagined how many choices there were. In fact, even the unicycling world is still getting used to the idea. Before Unicycle. com existed, you could only find unicycles in bike shops or… Read Article →

During the 19th century, scientist-writers such as Michel Eugène Chevreul, Ogden Rood and David Sutter wrote treatises on color, optical effects and perception. They were able to translate the scientific research of Helmholtz and Newton into a written form that was understandable by non-scientists. Chevreul was perhaps the most important influence on artists at the… Read Article →

American and British schools In America, all children from six to sixteen go to school. They spend six years in “elementary” school, and four or six years in “secondary” or “high” school. School education is free. At the end of every school year, the children take a test. If a child does well, he goes… Read Article →

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) – The debt ceiling deal President Obama enacted Tuesday cuts deficits and lets the country avert default. But it is getting very muted applause from serious fiscal experts – the ones who actually understand the federal budget. “No one should pretend that they have solved anything other than an artificial political crisis,”… Read Article →

Hot town summer in the city Back of my neck getting dirt and gritty Been down, isn’t it a pity Doesn’t seem to be a shadow in the city All around people looking half dead Walking on the sidewalk hotter than a match head But at night it’s a different world Go out and find… Read Article →

FROM Seattle to Sydney, protesters have taken to the streets. Whether they are inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement in New York or by the indignados in Madrid, they burn with dissatisfaction about the state of the economy, about the unfair way that the poor are paying for the sins of rich bankers, and… Read Article →

Initiation (Secret Circle) One It wasn’t supposed to be this hot and humid on Cape Cod. Cassie had seen it in the guidebook; everything was supposed to be perfect here, like Camelot. Except, the guidebook added absently, for the poison ivy, and ticks, and green flies, and toxic shellfish, and undercurrents in seemingly peaceful water…. Read Article →

Extra. Extra. Read all about it: LinkedIn is offering free coffee and hot news. That’s the promise of the LinkedIn Today coffee truck, a trendy food truck-inspired, mobile coffee-dispensing vehicle riding around the streets of New York and San Francisco. The bicoastal trucks hit the pavement Monday morning as part of LinkedIn’s social-media-meets-the-street marketing campaign… Read Article →

What’s the best music for pumping iron? Whatever pumps you up, a new study finds. Researchers at California State University, Fullerton, asked 20 guys to bring their favorite tracks to the weight room. During separate visits, subjects did squat jumps – once with their music playing and again in a silent gym. The men jumped… Read Article →

PLACEBO – Pierrot The Clown Leave me dreaming on the bed, see you right back here tomorrow, For the next round. Keep this scene inside your head, as the bruises turn to yellow, And the swelling goes down. And if you’re ever around, in the city or the suburbs, of this Town, Be sure to… Read Article →

You and I moving in the dark Bodies close, but souls apart Shadow smiles Secrets on reviews I need to know The way You feel I’ll give you Everything I am And everything I want to be I put it in your hands If You could open up to me Oh, can’t we ever Get… Read Article →

The best thing I’ve ever done? Well, I’ve created four beautiful children. You mean, other than that? Yes, it’s true. As a kid, I was making a building with blocks in our playroom. I didn’t have enough. So I asked my younger brother, Robert, if I could borrow some of his. He said, “Okay, but… Read Article →

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