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Activities and Key responsibilities: Key responsibility – strategy and analysis Develop the company strategy for the related product lines. Support the retail and wholesale division by providing information and efficient tools to assist in reaching objectives. Provide management with accurate and relevant information and analysis. Produce monthly reports and analyze strengths and weaknesses of lines…. Read Article →

A few years ago, I felt like I was stuck in a rut, so I decided to follow in the footsteps of the great American philosopher, Morgan Spurlock, and try something new for 30 days. The idea is actually pretty simple. Think about something you’ve always wanted to add to your life and try it… Read Article →

Susan Elizabeth Phillips Call Me Irresistible To Iris, Miss Irresistible Before Teddy knew it, his mom was hugging him and Dallie was hugging her, and the three of them were standing right there in the middle of the Statue of Liberty security office hugging each other and crying like a dumb old bunch of babies…. Read Article →

Think you’re an expert when it comes to pets? Like to wow your friends and family with cool facts and figures? Well, take a look at these: Pet lovers are guardians to nearly 100 million dogs and cats in the United States, and spend about $35 billion on their furry friends each year. (Source: American… Read Article →

Cycle of the Werewolf Stephen King JANUARY Somewhere, high above, the moon shines down, fat and full-but here, in Tarker’s Mills, a January blizzard has choked the sky with snow. The wind rams full force down a deserted Center Avenue; the orange town plows have given up long since. Arnie Westrum, flagman on the GS… Read Article →

THE LEGENDARY RUSSIAN WARRIORS – The Story of Iliya Moorometz Iliya Moorometz – or Iliya of the city of Moorom. He is the most well-known and loved warrior of ancient Russia, famous for his incredible strength, fighting skill, unique life story, kindness and righteousness, the qualities that brought him many victories over the attackers of… Read Article →

WAITER Would you like to order? MIA Yes, please. Can we have two margherita pizzas and a tuna salad, please? WAITER What would you like to drink? MIA We’d like a bottle of red wine, please. WAITER Anything else? MIA Yes, a bottle of sparkling mineral water. WAITER Of course. TOBY Wait! I’d like a… Read Article →

Many years ago there lived a dear little girl who was beloved by every one who knew her; but her grand-mother was so very fond of her that she never felt she could think and do enough to please this dear grand-daughter, and she presented the little girl with a red silk cap, which suited… Read Article →

Day 2: Floating Down from the Sky At the time, one of the most striking scenes in Mary Poppins was her entrance. She floated into town on her umbrella. My kids will never understand why that entrance was groundbreaking stuff. Today, you’re going to experience a little bit of the magic that makes Ruby click…. Read Article →

Microserfs Douglas Coupland Microserfs. By Douglas Coupland Note: There are many sections of text in this book that may look like nonsense or garbage if you haven’t read the hard copy. They’re original text. Some of these are supposed to be a computer’s “subconscious files”; in some instances Finereader broke them into blocks and read… Read Article →

The New York Times December 24, 2010 Lost in China By MATT GROSS DEAR CHONGQING, To address a letter to a city of any kind is folly. To send a letter to a metropolis of your immensity – 32 million residents! – shows, as we say here in New York, chutzpah. Also it’s a bit… Read Article →

Passenger: Could you take me please to Rooti Street? Taxi: Yes. Do you want me to start the meter? Passenger: How much will it cost without it? Taxi: 25 Dollars. Passenger: Can you estimate how much the meter will show? Taxi: Are you kidding? Passenger: I was hoping you would give me an answer. Taxi:… Read Article →

A Six-Pack Reality Check By Carolyn Richardson A little over a year ago I had a six-pack reality check. After losing 50 pounds, I was determined to get a six-pack. After all, if I could lose that much weight in 6 months, I could definitely get my abs ripped, right? The answer is not so… Read Article →

Joe: Hey, Peter came to me today to let me know that he’s decided to become a Vegetarian. Kristin: Oh, really, that’s great. Joe: Yeah, he told me he’s finally seen the light. Kristin: Well, what helped him arrive at that decision? Joe: Well, I mean his girlfriend’s been a vegetarian for about a year… Read Article →

The principles of Chinese grammar are different from English. I deliberately ignored explanations of the theory of Chinese grammar because these theoretical explanations made no sense to me. Instead, I just accepted the various structural patterns of sentences in Chinese as normal. I knew that with enough exposure they would start to seem natural to… Read Article →

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