Pride and Prejudice Jane Austen Chapter 1 It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of […]

Shawshank Redemption There’s a guy like me in every state and federal prison in America, I guess – I’m the […]

The pessimist says the glass is half empty. The optimist says it’s half full. The pragmatist says its liquid contents […]

Before the arrival of European settlers, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples inhabited most areas of the Australian continent. Each […]

Hunger Glossary Hunger: the body’s way of signaling that it is running short of food and needs to eat something. […]

British English versus American English There is always the issue of language and meaning even if you both speak English. […]

From the maker of designer/developer community Forrst comes Facto. me, a highly self-referential app that’s at least mildly addictive, entertaining […]

The Man of Property By John Galsworthy Volume 1 of The Forsyte Saga EBooks@Adelaide 2010 This web edition published by […]

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