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The Return of Sherlock Holmes, A Collection of Holmes Adventures By SIR ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE THE ADVENTURE OF THE EMPTY HOUSE It was in the spring of the year 1894 that all London was interested, And the fashionable world dismayed, by the murder of the Honourable Ronald Adair under most unusual and inexplicable circumstances. The… Read Article →

Harry Potter is the name of a series of fantasy novels by British writer J. K. Six of seven planned books have been published to date, not including the two school books, Quidditch Through the Ages and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. These two are supposed to be two of the school books… Read Article →

Two sayings sum up the “spirit of an organization”. One is the inscription On Andrew Carnegie’s tombstone: Here lies a man Who knew how to enlist In his service Better men than himself The other is the slogan of the drive to find jobs for the physically Handicapped: “It’s the abilities, not the disabilities, that… Read Article →

The Soviet Union’s launch of Sputnik spurred the United States to create the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA, later DARPA) in February 1958 to regain a technological lead. ARPA created the Information Processing Technology Office (IPTO) to further the research of the Semi Automatic Ground Environment (SAGE) program, which had networked country-wide radar systems together… Read Article →

Next For Green Building? How will the recession affect the green-building market? Peter Morris, principal of the construction consultancy Davis Langdon, tackles the question By Anya Kaplan-Seem The economic recession we’re in is having a big impact on the building industry; what do you predict its effect will be on the green-building sector in particular?… Read Article →

JORINDA AND JORINDEL There was once an old castle, that stood in the middle of a deep gloomy wood, and in the castle lived an old fairy. Now this fairy could take any shape she pleased. All the day long she flew about in the form of an owl, or crept about the country like… Read Article →

A poor widow once lived in a little cottage. In front of the cottage was a garden, in which were growing two rose trees; one of these bore white roses, and the other red. She had two children, who resembled the rose trees. One was called Snow-White, and the other Rose-Red; and they were as… Read Article →

‘Powerful indeed is the empire of habit.’ ~Publilius Syrus It’s amazing how big a difference a little thing can make. Starting your day mindfully with some tea, for example, can change your entire day. Clearing your desk will make your work day amazing. A smile from a loved one can mean the world. And when… Read Article →

For all of its wild popularity, caffeine is one seriously misunderstood substance. It’s not a simple upper, and it works differently on different people with different tolerances – even in different menstrual cycles. But you can make it work better for you. We’ve covered all kinds of caffeine “hacks” here at Lifehacker, from taking “caffeine… Read Article →

On listening a word ‘chocolate’, we all enter into a world of fantasy. The taste fills our mouth with water and we just desire to have that brown colored, sweet and milky flavored stuff. Chocolate is actually not sweet in raw form. The sweet chocolate we get is a mixture of chocolate and sugar. The… Read Article →

To slack off Ослабить It is a tempest in a teapot. Это буря в стакане (воды). To beat around the bush Ходить вокруг да около Cream of the crop Наилучший There’s the rub. Вот в чём загвоздка. To lead down the garden path Водить за нос Blind as a bat (как) слепая курица Pay up!!… Read Article →

I had the great honour of being able to interview Dero. The lead singer from Oomph! Along with Jeremy Williams from MusikNews. info we had a 17 minute (although it felt like a lifetime) interview. We were able to video tape the interview and will be posting a link to that later. For the time… Read Article →

I feel uptight on a Saturday night Nine o’ clock, the radio’s the only light I hear my song and it pulls me through Comes on strong, tells me what I got to do I got to Get up Everybody’s gonna move their feet Get down Everybody’s gonna leave their seat You gotta lose your… Read Article →

That Steve Jobs was a genius, a giant influence on multiple industries and billions of lives, has been written many times since he retired as Apple’s CEO in August. He was a historical figure on the scale of a Thomas Edison or a Henry Ford, and set the mold for many other corporate leaders in… Read Article →

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