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This topic is concerned with the process of analyzing requirements to * Detect and resolve conflicts between requirements * Discover the bounds of the software and how it must interact with its environment * Elaborate system requirements to derive software requirements The traditional view of requirements analysis has been that it be reduced to conceptual… Read Article →

Problems are servants. They help you grow and lead to better things, both within your organization and in your life. To resist them is to avoid growth and progress. Embrace and get the best from the challenges in front of you. And understand that the only people with no problems are dead. An unhappy customer… Read Article →

Our feline friends are unique and wonderful companions. Below is a collection of interesting and fun facts about cats. * Cats are members of the Felidea family. * A litter of kittens is called a kindle, and a group of cats is called a clowder. * A cat’s IQ is only surpassed by that of… Read Article →

SAN FRANCISCO – “No one wants to die,” Steve Jobs said in his now-famous 2005 commencement address at Stanford. “Even people who want to go to heaven don’t want to die to get there. “And yet death is the destination we all share. No one has ever escaped it. And that is as it should… Read Article →

Mr Brown got to a hotel late in the evening after a long journey. He asked the hall-porter whether there were any vacant rooms in the hotel. At that moment another traveller came to the hotel and asked the hall-porter for a room, too, The only vacant room was a double room, that is, a… Read Article →

O mighty Caliph and Commander of the Faithful, I am humbled to be in the splendor of your presence; a man can hope for no greater blessing as long as he lives. The story I have to tell is truly a strange one, and were the entirety to be tattooed at the corner of one’s… Read Article →

It was a cold night in September. The rain was drumming on the car roof as George and Marie Winston drove through the empty country roads towards the house of their friends, the Harrisons, where they were going to attend a party to celebrate the engagement of the Harrisons’ daughter, Lisa. As they drove, they… Read Article →

Problem 3: Party Time You’re throwing a party for your friends, but since your friends may not all know each other, you’re afraid a few of them may not enjoy your party. So to avoid this situation, you decide that you’ll also invite some friends of your friends. But who should you invite to throw… Read Article →

Mass Effect – Retribution By Drew Karpyshyn To my wife, Jennifer. Thank you for always being there for me. Because of you, I can follow my dreams… And have someone to share them with. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Once again I want to express my gratitude to the entire Mass Effect team at BioWare for all their hard… Read Article →

FOREWORD The Silmarillion, now published four years after the death of its author, is an account of the Elder Days, or the First Age of the World. In The Lord of the Rings were narrated the great events at the end of the Third Age; but the tales of The Silmarillion are legends deriving from… Read Article →

A wide plain, where the broadening Floss hurries on between its green banks to the sea, and the loving tide, rushing to meet it, checks its passage with an impetuous embrace. On this mighty tide the black ships – laden with the fresh-scented fir-planks, with rounded sacks of oil-bearing seed, or with the dark glitter… Read Article →

It all began with Sherlock and I visiting the bank. We’d been called in by an old school friend of his. The man was a banker and pretty much what you’d expect. Someone had broken into their offices and sprayed graffiti across a painting. Nothing too interesting about that, you might think. Except that whoever… Read Article →

The Truth about Forex Fundamentals and Trading the News Forex news and Forex fundamental variables are topics that many traders email me about each week. They usually want to know if they should pay attention to the news as it relates to their trading and (or) how to incorporate fundamental economic news variables into their… Read Article →

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