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It happens to the best of us: we’re talking to someone we’ve just met, and the conversation is stalling. We don’t know where to take it, how to keep it going and the silence is making us feel awkward. Although in the grand scheme of things, these moments are meaningless, they can be quite a… Read Article →

Do you get a pleasant satisfied feeling after a hard day at work? If some job satisfaction surveys are to be believed then as many as a third of us are considering a change of job. Clearly many are finding it hard to get that feeling of satisfaction from work. Job satisfaction is important not… Read Article →

To M’ Colleague We are merely the stars’ tennis balls, struck and banded Which way please themJohn Webster, The Duchess of Malfi, Act V Scene 3 I. Set-Up It all began some time in the last century, in an age when lovers wrote letters to each other sealed up in envelopes. Sometimes they used coloured… Read Article →

CHAPTER XXX The more I knew of the inmates of Moor House, the better I liked them. In a few days I had so far recovered my health that I could sit up all day, and walk out sometimes. I could join with Diana and Mary in all their occupations; converse with them as much… Read Article →

When dear old Mrs. Hay went back to town after staying with the Burnells she sent the children a doll’s house. It was so big that the carter and Pat carried it into the courtyard, and there it stayed, propped up on two wooden boxes beside the feed-room door. No harm could come of it;… Read Article →

I’m Susan Clark with the Special English program WORDS AND THEIR STORIES. Susan Cleveland is the young president of a candy company in the city of Chicago. Her father began the company in the nineteen sixties. He died three years ago. Now, the company belongs to Susan. Many of her father’s employees were concerned when… Read Article →

I had just finished writing the daily Community Chest story, and each day I wrote that story I was sore about it; there were plenty of punks in the office who could have ground out that kind of copy. Even the copy boys could have written it and no one would have known the difference;… Read Article →

By S. Trevis Certo!, Brian L. Connelly, Laszlo Tihanyi Mays Business School, Texas A & M University, College Station, TX 77843-4221, USA Abstract Today’s corporate environment requires managers to be excellent decision makers. Their ability to make fast, widely-supported, and effective decisions will, in large Part, shape the performance of their firms. In this article,… Read Article →

Teachers already use Skype to connect with other classrooms around the globe, bring in guest speakers without asking them to travel, and take virtual field trips. Now, Skype is making it easier for them to do so. The company launched Skype in the Classroom, a dedicated teacher network, on Tuesday. Using the platform, teachers can… Read Article →

The Hunter Richard Baker worked for a zoo. He was a hunter. When the zoo wanted a new animal, Richard went out and caught them. He was a very good hunter and he had an unusual way of catching animals. One year the zoo needed some African tree monkeys so Richard went to Africa to… Read Article →

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