Art. (phrasebook)

We can take a tape-recorder with English record of the excursion.
May one take pictures (shoot a film) here?
Where is the hall of English (German, Spanish, French) paintings?
I like this picture (sculpture, composition).
Whose work is it?
When did this painter (sculptor) live?
What school does he belong to?
Is it an original or a copy?
Where can I buy a museum guide book (catalogue, reproductions of the pictures)?
Are the exhibits of other museums being displayed here?
Is it a permanent or temporary exhibition?
What exhibitions are open now?
Let’s visit city museums.
Which museum would you like to visit: historical museum, Fine Arts museum or Art Gallery?
I am interested in painting and sculpture of the European schools.
What about going to a photo-exhibition?
What time does the museum open (close)?

Literature, plays
I like to read classical novels (short stories, poetry, detective stories)
I try writing myself.
What kind of books do you read?
Mostly I read… .
Who is your favourite writer (poet, playwright)?
My favourite writer (poet, playwright) is… .

What kind of music do you like?
Can you play the guitar (cello, piano, drums)?
I play guitar (cello, drums).
I’m (not) a good player.
I know some chords.
I take piano (guitar, cello, violin) lessons.
I like (enjoy) music a lot (very much, a little bit).
What kind of music do you listen to mostly?
I listen to different kinds of music.
I’m a music fan!
I can listen to any kinds of music except heavy metal (classical music, rap, pop music).
I (don’t) like your musical taste.
My favourite bands (performers, singers) are… .
I prefer instrumental music.
I’ve got a big collection of CDs (tapes, LP’s).
I find classical

music crap (boring, exciting, amazing).
I play guitar in a (school, university) band.
I take piano lessons at school (at home, at the university).
Are you enjoying the music?

I support Spartak (Barcelona, Manchester United, Bayern, Milan).
What summer (winter) sports are popular in your country?
I go in for sports (very actively).
My trainer is (sometimes, often, always) very strict to his students.
Let’s go to play hockey (football, volleyball, basketball).
Do you know who is the latest Olympic Games (World Cup, Europe Cup) champion?
We’d like to see a football (hockey, basketball) match.
What team do you support?
Who is the referee?
What’s the score?
Who scored the goal?
I am not a sportsman but I like sports.
I love different kinds of sports.
I prefer watching sports on TV.
I prefer doing sports than watching them.
Our team coach was (not) a professional sportsman before.
I started swimming (horseriding) when I was… .
Doing (different) sports is good for health.
I show good (better, the best, bad, worse, the worst) results.
I started playing football (basketball, baseball) when I was… .

Theatre, кино
Who performed (played) the leading role?
Are there any famous actors starring in the film?
I’d like to visit the Opera Theatre (Drama Theatre, Musical Comedy Theatre).
I like drama, but I don’t like ballets or comedies.
I’d like to listen to the opera (concerto).
What plays (concerts, performances) are on tonight?
Give me the programme, please.
How many parts does the play (concert, show) consist of?
How many intervals?
Show us our seats please.
Can you see (hear) well from here?
The film has got the prize for best male role (female role, screenplay, directing).
Is it difficult to get tickets for the film (play, performance…)?

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Art. (phrasebook)