Are you sure this is the right way, jack

Are you sure this is the right way, Jack?
Yes, I am. We always come this way, don’t we?
No, we don’t. We never come this way.
We always go along the motorway when we’re
Going into town.
Look, I know what I’m doing, thank you very much.
Well, where are we then?
We’re in Hartsbourne Avenue.
Hartsbourne Avenue. Hartsbourne Avenue.
I can’t find it here… Oh, yes. Here it is. It’s OK.
Go along here, Jack, and then turn
Right at the end.
I know!!
How far is it, Maive?
Not far. It usually takes about one minute.
There it is.
Jack, turn right there. The next on the right.
It’s a small road. Finucane Rise. It’s opposite
A large white house. There, that’s it.
I don’t think so, Maive. We never come this way.
Oh dear! Hang on!
Excuse me, please. We’re looking for The Comyns.
Do you know where it is?
The Comyns? The Comyns…
Oh, yes. I know. Right.
You go along Nicholson Drive, and then you
Turn left into Beamish Avenue.
And then right into Thorn Avenue,
And then left into Warren Road.
And it’s the first… second…
Third turning on the left.
Great. Thanks.
Maive, did you get that?
Yes. I got it. Did you?
I think so. Along Nicholson Drive,
Turn left into Beamish Avenue.
Then right into Thorn Avenue,
Left into Warren Road, and then, it’s, er,
the third turning on the left. Right?
Right. Come on, let’s go.
Look! There’s Julia. And Greg.
They’re waiting.
Hello. Here you are!
It’s half past nine! Why are you late?
Hi, Julia. I’m sorry. Jack drove. We got lost.
No, we didn’t!
Well, come on, get the things out of the car.
We’re waiting for you.

/> What are you doing?
I’m looking for the tapes.
I can’t see them. Are they in here?
Yes, of course they are. Here, let me look.
One… two… three. Put them by the camera.
Greg, what are you doing?
Me? Oh, well, nothing really.
Well, do something. Go and help Maive and Jack.
Go on.
Can I help?
Yes. You can put these next to the camera,
Over there.
And then I think you can get some coffee out of
The car.
OK, sure.
Well, what are we waiting for?
We’re waiting for Peter. I’m ready.
Oh dear. Robert, have you got your mobile phone?
Can I borrow it, please?
Sure. Who are you calling?
I’m calling Peter.
Hello. Hello, is that Peter?
Yes, it’s Julia. Fine, thanks.
Listen, Peter, we’re all waiting for you.
Where are you?
Are you? Oh, dear. Hang on a moment, Peter.
Robert, it’s Peter. He can’t find us. He’s looking for
Us now. He’s in May Road. Where’s that?
May Road? May Road… Oh, yes. It’s here, look.
And we’re here. He isn’t very far away.
Right, look, take the phone,
And tell Peter how to get here.
Peter? Robert’s looking at the map.
He can tell you how to get here.
OK, see you later.
Hi, Peter. Robert here. Listen.
Go to the end of May Road. Yes.
And then turn right into Carlton Road.
There’s a row of shops on your left… Yup.
Turn right into Newton Lane. It’s the second
Turning on the right.
Then The Comyns is the one, two,
Three…. it’s the third turning on the right.
Got it? … Good. See you soon, then.
Bye. Bye.
He’s coming now, Julia.
OK, thanks, Robert. When Peter gets here, we
Can start.

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