Apple and google most reputable companies globally – study 09.06.2011

Google and Apple were today revealed as the most reputable companies globally in a study carried out by the Reputation Institute.

Disney, BMW and Lego round out the top five in the 2011 Global RepTrak 100, a consumer study that assesses the reputations of 100 of the world’s most prominent companies.

The Irish segment of the study, the Ireland RepTrak 2011, revealed that Google, Cadbury and Kellogg’s were the most reputable companies in this country.

However, Niamh Boyle, managing director, Corporate Reputations and exclusive Irish associate of the Reputation Institute, pointed to an absence of Irish companies in the Global Top 100. “With the export sector a key focus, it is clear that Irish firms must integrate reputation management into the way that they do business,” she said.

“Companies like Google and Apple that invest in building and managing corporate reputations are forging ahead of their competitors. We are already seeing leading companies using reputation as a principal key performance indicator to predict business performance as well as including reputation management in their annual report.”

“The results of the Global RepTrak 100 study confirm that, when evaluating companies, consumers and investors are aligned,” said Reputation Institute chairman, Dr Charles Fombrun. “The greater the reputation of a company, the more support it earns from consumers, the better its operating performance, and the more money investors are willing to pay for its shares.”

Google and Apple, along with LEGO and Sony, were the only companies to make the top ten in nine of the 15 countries studied. Of the 100 companies, only 12 made the top ten in five or more of the 15 countries.

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Apple and google most reputable companies globally – study 09.06.2011