Animal expression


Saddle – horse saddle (riding seat), to saddle a horse (to put the riding seat onto the horse)
Shoe – protection on feet
Ride – what a person does who sits on a horse’s back


Cub – baby lion
Mane – large amount of hair around a male lion’s head
Roar – sound lions make


Kennel – house for dogs
Puppy – baby dogs
Bark – sound dogs make


Wool – hair on sheep used for sweaters, blankets, etc.
Lamb – baby sheep, meat of baby sheep
Mutton – meat of mature sheep


Ivory – material tusks are made of
Tusks – white protruding horn on both sides of mouth
Trunk – long nose-like body part


Blind – idiomatic saying “blind as a bat”
Vampire – famous type of bat from “Dracula”
Sonar – system bats use to navigate


Nine lives – idiomatic saying “a cat has nine lives”
Kitten – baby cat
Meow – sound cats make


Calf – baby cow
Pie – cow excrement found in fields
Leather – finished product made of cow hide for clothing


School – group of fish
Scales – covering on fish
Fin – part of body fish use to navigate


Flock – group of birds
Feather – covering on birds
Beak – mouth of birds

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Animal expression