Android marketing – 5.7 who is your audience

Outstanding web copy helps your website get visitors. You owe it to yourself and your buyers to attend to the words used, and a good place to start is to analyze who your target audience is. For more information on identifying your target audience, see Chapter 4. You need to understand what your audience wants to read. If you have a younger audience, then gear the content and writing style to a younger clientele. If you are selling a scientific app, you will want to write to that audience using terms and phrases that resonate with them.

Make your visitors feel good about your app – this is the key to drawing them back on a regular basis. Your website can include tips and tricks, frequently asked questions (FAQs), and occasional promotions to keep visitors interested in returning.

Developing Great Web Copy

There are lots of different rules and recommendations about how to write good web copy, but the bottom line is that you want to write copy in such a way that it pulls in your visitors. You want to create a statement at the top of your site that clearly identifies what your apps do. Don’t make the visitor to your site hunt around
Trying to figure this out. People will click away in seconds if they don’t find a clear explanation of your apps. When you write the content for your website, your goal is to get your visitors to learn about your apps and want to click on the Buy Now button that takes them over to the Android Market.

The best advice is to make your writing interesting. Look at some other sites that sell apps similar to yours and get some ideas. There’s nothing wrong with seeing how others are building their websites, especially if they are on the top sellers lists on the Android Market. It almost goes without saying, but I’ll mention it anyway: You’ve got to make sure your content is spellchecked and grammatically correct. Failure to do even the simple things will make you come off as amateurish.

If you lack experience in this area, consider hiring a professional copy editor.

If people think your website looks sloppy, they naturally think your app will be equally poor. Nothing says “careless” quicker than a spelling error. Use active voice style and keep your tone friendly, informative, and snappy. Keep the visitors’ interest! Make your copy compelling if you want them to keep coming back. Here are some other important tips:

– Your content should quickly describe your app at the top of the page.
– Your web content should be as entertaining as possible. Be sure to have a gallery of pictures showcasing your app.
– The website should inform your visitor as to what your app can do.
– You must educate your visitors with FAQs and videos. Always have a YouTube video demonstrating your app.
– Your website must convince your visitor to buy. Always have a prominent Buy Now button configured to take your buyer directly to your app on the Android Market.

Make Your Content User Friendly

According to web design experts, most web viewers scan web pages rather than read them word for word. If you adhere to certain web content principles, you’re more likely to have success in keeping your visitors and convincing them to click over to the Android Market. Here are some guidelines to follow:

– Use highlighted keywords (hypertext links serve as one form of highlighting; typeface variations and color are others).
– Create meaningful subheadings (not “clever” ones).
– Use bulleted lists (such as this one, but not too long), just like on the Android Market.

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Android marketing – 5.7 who is your audience