Android marketing – 5.3 basic app naming

You should consider a number of ways to approach naming your app. First, if you plan to develop a series of apps under a brand name, think of app names that are flexible and will support your overall brand. If you are developing a series of science apps for high school students, your brand may be called “Science Man” and
Your apps will start with your brand connected with a dash (for example, Science Man – Chemistry or Science Man – Physics).

You can use roman numerals for some apps names, such as Crazy Flips I and Crazy Flips II, or you can choose names such as MyStory – The Prequel or MyStory – The Sequel. Other general naming rules include the following:

– Make sure your app name is easy to pronounce and spell. You want your app to be easy to remember from a word-of-mouth standpoint. You also want your app to be easily searchable in the Android Market. Apps with difficult spellings may be hard to locate in the store.

– Beware of app names that might mean something else in a foreign language. Nova comes to mind.

– Be sure to check on trademarks and other reserved names. For example, Freeverse, Inc., has the rights to use the name Flick NBA for their basketball app. Although there are other basketball apps for sale on the
Android Market, they cannot use “NBA” in their name.

– Stick to names that don’t offend any group of people. Offensive app names may appeal to some buyers, but you’ll narrow your audience considerably with that approach.

– Check for domain availability for your app name. With so many domains registered, this may be difficult, but it helps to have the same domain name as your app. If you are building a brand and developing a
Number of apps, you should register the domain name for your brand first.

While researching your app name, you can go to many different domain registration sites to check availability for your domain. Site such as GoDaddy. com and Register. com are just two of hundreds of sites that can help you.

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Android marketing – 5.3 basic app naming