Android marketing – 5.2 choose an effective app name

An effective Android app name can help increase your sales because the buyer does not have to invest as much effort to understand what your app does. The more you make buyers work to understand what you are selling, the more likely they will go somewhere else to get their “questions” answered faster. This is not to say that all apps will fail if they don’t have a descriptive name. However, if your app is a nongame app such as a utility, financial calculator, or weight loss tool, you can improve your results by describing what the app does in the name.

You can use several words in your app name to be creative and also describe what the app does. For example, if you have written a calorie-counting app, you could call it something like Melt-Away Pounds (Calorie Counter). From the name the buyer can immediately understand what the app does. Notice that the icon, along with the title, gives you an immediate impression of the app’s purpose. You know instantly that the app is a medical reference app directed to the healthcare community. This type of naming works very well on the Android Market for educational and utility-focused apps.

Game apps have much more latitude in their naming options. You are only limited by your imagination and what you think will resonate with your target market. Remember your target market from Chapter 4? If you can focus on a catchy or memorable name that will resonate with your target audience, you can establish a
Stronger following for your app. There are many categories of games, and this can help you to determine the best type of name for you app. If your game is educational, you’ll probably want to name your app more descriptively, as in High School Math Blitz I: Algebra I and II Refresher or High School Math Blitz II: Geometry and Trig Refresher.

Other games are more seasonal and are named for a particular holiday. So, usually the holiday is the first part of the name followed by the type of game. Again, the reader can get an instant picture of what the game is about. The holiday games are impulse buys attracting a buyer’s attention for only a short time. Many developers have a collection of games for different holidays to keep their sales rotating around
Each month of the year.

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Android marketing – 5.2 choose an effective app name