Android marketing – 5.1 building your app’s total message

Some people think marketing your Android app consists of doing a little advertising and a press release. Actually, marketing your app, especially if you want to see steady and consistent sales on the Android Market, requires that you do a number of things consistently well. I call this group of activities creating your app’s “total message,” and it includes every aspect of your marketing effort – from how you name your app and the icons and graphics you display, to the wording on your product website and the Android Market.

All the activities listed in the table are a means of communication and can help you convey the value of your app and its unique qualities to your buyers. You’re not going to fail by not doing them, but your odds of success are much higher than if you sit back and do nothing. The more complete your total message, the more likely people will like what they see on your product website or the Android Market and then buy your app. When people visit the Android Market, they are either simply browsing or are searching for a specific type of app.

People who are the browsing type are usually looking for an app to pass the time. They may be looking for an action game or a puzzle or some other app for entertainment. Perhaps they are looking for an app to keep their kids occupied, but they’re not sure which app. Most browsing shoppers will start their search by looking at the Featured category. Other buyers come to the store looking for a specific solution to a problem. It could be a student looking for help with homework or preparing for the SAT exam. It could be a businessman looking for an app to help him in his sales job or to better manage his finances. Or it could be a mom looking to get more daily activities organized.

Regardless of the app they seek, buyers will be presented with pages of apps in that category. So, even when they have found the category they want, they still have to wade through

hundreds of apps. Regardless, if you can make your app stand out, it’s more likely that visitors will stop and take a look at your app. That’s the first step in getting them to buy! If you can’t get someone to stop and look at your app, your sales will disappoint.

Most people visiting the Android Market are first attracted to the colorful icons. It’s simply easier to scan the pages on their phone looking at the graphics to see if one of them is of interest rather than reading every description. Most buyers will scan the screen looking for an icon that grabs their attention. If an icon looks interesting, most people will read the name of the app and its category and then decide whether to click on it or not. Some apps do a better job conveying their value than others.

If visitors to the Android Market like an icon and the name of the app, they will click on the link for more information. When delivered to your Android Market product page, they will be drawn to the graphics you have on your storefront. They will review the graphics on your product page to get a quick idea of what your app does. And, finally, if they like what they see, they will read, in more detail, the full text description about the app. If your app is a game, they are going to look at the description to figure out how the game is played.

If the premise of the game is simple and buyers like the graphics, they will be more influenced to buy your app. They will make a buying decision. If the app is free (or a “lite” version), they will decide whether they want to download it and try it out.

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Android marketing – 5.1 building your app’s total message