An interesting funny children’s story. lesson for amanda

As a child I remember being addicted to books that helped me to enter a whole new world. This world was always full of fantasy and magic, one where the good always scored over the evil. There were many children’s stories that taught so many lessons that are best imbibed at an early age. These stories were interesting with a touch of humor and always entertaining to read. Here, I shall present an interesting funny children’s story that is an attempt to interest children to enjoy reading as a hobby as well as, learn a new lesson to mold them into a better person for tomorrow.

An Interesting Funny Children’s Story:
Little Amanda was on her usual walk by the woods. She loved this time of the evening, the beautiful yellows and reds of the flowers contrasted well upon the green leaves. Little Amanda was engrossed in her thoughts and this evening she took on a different path that led her towards the insides of the woods. (Amanda was well aware of her mother’s warnings to avoid that path.) Suddenly, breaking free from her thoughts, Amanda realized the trees looked greener and darker and the atmosphere suddenly seemed dull and gloomy. Terrified she looked around to find her way back. As she raced across the ground, she ran helter-skelter in any direction. Finally tired, she lay beneath a large tree.

To her amazement, a little goblin ran towards her. He beckoned her to follow him. The goblin had a rough appearance and a mean expression. Terrified, she followed him quietly. Amanda knew not what it was and walked slowly behind him. As he approached a clearing, Amanda saw a strange sight. There were pretty little cottages and neat driveways. Goblins were having a merry time laughing and gorging on pies and cakes. Suddenly, Amanda stiffened. By her right, she saw a group of little children like her, toiling away and clearing the garden. They were dressed in tattered clothing and few of them were weeping bitterly. Amanda realized she had

also become a slave to these rather mean goblins. Just as she realized the truth, the goblin grabbed her by the arm and pushed her roughly towards the sad children. Perplexed, there was only one thought that ran through her mind, ‘How shall I escape with all these girls and boys?’

Amanda was asked to change into rags and forced to join the groups of little boys and girls. She toiled till dinnertime cleaning all the doors and windows of the house that belonged to the horrid goblin. Hungry, she tugged the sleeve of the goblin hoping for some food. He pushed a stale loaf of bread under her nose and said, ‘That’s your meal for the night’. A rather tired Amanda was pushed into a messy room with other children for the night. Weeping, she collapsed onto a pile of straw. Suddenly she remembered her kind mother’s words about every problem having a solution. She decided she would solve this rather than weep over it. Prayers were something she believed in and she knelt down on the floor in hope for some answer.

Suddenly, there was a slight sound and Amanda opened her eyes to see a beautiful fairy seated before her. The fairy held her hand gently and told her there is way out. The horrid goblin stored all his magical powers in a beautiful porcelain doll and this doll, once broken, would free them from the clutches of the goblins.

Amanda thought deeply about this porcelain doll. ‘It must be in this house itself and close to him’ she pondered. By midnight, she happened to escape from a small window and enter the house from the backside. Her search gave her no fruitful results.

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An interesting funny children’s story. lesson for amanda