Amanda’s work

Amanda’s Work.

Amanda goes to work every day. She works in an office. She works very hard. She starts and 7 o’clock in the morning and finishes at 10 o’clock at night. She likes her work, and she wants to be a good worker, but she has one problem. Her boss is not a very good boss.

He tells her to do one thing, and then he changes his mind. He tells her to do another thing, and then he changes his mind again. He tells her to do something else, and again, changes his mind. Amanda doesn’t like this. She says, “This is a waste of time!”

Today Amanda decides to talk with him. She goes to his room and says: “I like to work. I work a lot of hours. I am a good worker. But I can’t work like this. We have to work better. You need to tell me what to do without changing your mind.”

Amanda’s boss listens to her. He sees that she is right. He promises to listen to her advice.

Now Amanda is happy. She comes to work every day. She starts at 7 o’clock and finishes at 4 o’clock, but she completes much more things than before! Amanda and her boss are happy.


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Amanda’s work