Akira. mushi to medama. vol 1. mushi, eyeball and a teddy bear. (ch 1-4)

Night 1: Usarin-kakka’s Daily Edict
From ★ Usarin
To ★ Sensei
Subject ★ Edict
Body ★ Hello, Usarin here. I know that you should be the busiest during after class hours, but, since you said that I could text
You whenever I pleased, that’s what I’m doing now! If I’ve done anything wrong, just lecture me, okay? I’m currently at home. Are
You still in school? If you think it’s too much of a hassle, you could just ignore this message, but, if you’re free, do reply! I’ll
Be waiting!
From ★ Sensei
To ★ Usarin-kakka
Subject ★ In the middle of a teacher’s conference
Body ★ I’m bored. I have no idea why the job as a teacher is so long-winded. I’m so bored that I’m drinking cup after cup of
Coffee… But, that wouldn’t be good for my stomach. Why did you text me, anyway? Is anything up? ‘Cause, if there is, I, Sakaki Guryuu,
Will hightail out of here right away. It’s not like I’ll be missing much from this kind of meeting, anyway, don’t worry.
From ★ Usarin
To ★ Sensei
Subject ★ Edict 2
Body ★ Ehh~ You’re in a meeting, Sensei? I’m sorry, I must have distracted you. I’ll get straight to the point, then: After your
Meeting dismisses later, please, come over to my house, Sensei. Do you remember what day it is? November 11th… It’s your birthday!
It’s impossible to hold anything grand at my house, so, I’ve only prepared a cake for you. If you’re free – and I mean really free –
Please, come over to my place. Happy birthday, Sensei! I’ll be waiting!

If words were used to describe Kannonsakazaki Private High School teacher Sakaki Guryuu, they would probably be something along the lines of “talented,” “elegant,” “genius,”

“stunning” – you could probably list out every positive adjective you knew and compare them to Sakaki, and none of them would seem out of place, because he was perhaps the most perfect human being in the world, a being bearing the closest resemblance to God. Even “godlike,” “flawless,” and “one-of-a-kind” seemed to match him – the pinnacle of human evolution, Sakaki Guryuu.

Obtaining a doctorate at twelve, skilled in all fields, being hailed as the incarnation of Leonardo Da Vinci – not only was he intellectually gifted, he was physically talented, too. Aikido was meant as a method of passing time, but soon he found his way into the Olympics. His touch of the piano melted hearts, his paintings of the brush shook worlds. The titles “The Best,” “The Finest,” and “The Greatest,” seemed to perfectly suit him, and, backed by the extremely wealthy Sakaki Organization (he was already picked as the Organization’s heir), it seemed that he had already succeeded in life. Failure was clearly not on the menu.

However, Sakaki had a weakness, no, more of a problem actually. This “problem” was the reason why, when he was nineteen, he went down to the countryside and started teaching in the private high school he used to attend. This was also why he never fully concentrated in literature, arts, or sports. It was a “problem” the large organization was powerless to deal with.

Yes, it was a “problem”, and the cause was known as Usagawa Rinne.

She was a normal, high school girl that Sakaki loved, was enamored with, even. In fact, you could even say that Sakaki worshiped her.

It was because of her that Sakaki Guryuu strayed from the path to elitism.

Hoping to spend more time with her, Sakaki decided to become a teacher in her school.

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Akira. mushi to medama. vol 1. mushi, eyeball and a teddy bear. (ch 1-4)