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Course Information

Online Introduction to Artificial Intelligence is based on Stanford CS221, Introduction to Artificial Intelligence. This class introduces students to the basics of Artificial Intelligence, which includes machine learning, probabilistic reasoning, robotics, and natural language processing.

The objective of this class is to teach you modern AI. You learn about the basic techniques and tricks of the trade, at the same level we teach our Stanford students. We also aspire to excite you about the field of AI. Whether you are a seasoned professional, a college student, or a curious high school student – everyone can participate.

This online class will make this material available to a worldwide audience. But rather than just watching lectures online, you will participate. You will do homework assignments, take exams, participate in discussions with other students, ask questions of the instructors, and also get a final score.

Basic and Advanced Tracks
This course is offered in two tracks. The advanced track is intended to be an undergraduate or early graduate level course, and you should plan on spending around ten hours a week or more on it. It will involve weekly homework assignments as well as a midterm exam and a final exam. In order to receive a statement of accomplishment for the advanced track you must take both the midterm and the final exam.

The basic track is for people interested in the material but who do not have time or would prefer not to do homework assignments and exams. You will be able to view the same lectures as the advanced track, and will have access to the homework assignments and exams after they have been completed by students in the advanced track but will not be scored on them. In order to receive a statement of accomplishment for the basic track you must stay active and continue to view material throughout the course.

You may switch between the tracks at

any time, but be aware that while you are signed up for the basic track you will not have access to homework assignments or exams, and this will effect your score and eligibility if you decide to change back to the advanced track.

Video Lessons
Video lectures are the primary method for communicating content in this class. They are posted weekly, and are comprised of many small chunks of 1 to 15 minutes in length. Professors Thrun and Norvig will cover key concepts of AI in these lectures. Lectures will be posted weekly for each topic, and you can view lectures at your own pace once they have been posted until the end of the course.

There will be online quizzes as well, which enable you to demonstrate your knowledge of the AI topics you just learned about. If you get a question wrong, no problem. Quizzes don’t count towards your score. But you may find that you will be asked to watch specific videos that discuss certain mistakes you may have made.

Homework assignments
These are just like quizzes, but now your submission counts towards the score. Homework assignments will be available all week, and you must complete all the questions during the week they are available; otherwise they count for 0. We plan for a total of 8 homework assignments, of which your two lowest scores will not be counted towards your score. The remaining 6 assignments taken together will comprise 30% of your actual score. Answers for the homeworks will be available to everyone after the week is over, as well as your personal score on the assignment.

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Ai-class – course information