Abrafati 2011 – exhibition in brazil


ABRAFATI 2011 will gather the most important innovations and state-of-the-art solutions related to raw materials, manufacturing and coating application processes, and their environmental impacts.

Highlighting the latest research and innovations related to the sustainability of the coatings production chain, ABRAFATI 2011 is already mobilizing this industry’s companies and professionals. The event, which will be held from November 21 to 23, 2011, at Transamerica Expo Center, in São Paulo, Brazil, will gather the 12th International Exhibition of Coatings Industry Suppliers and the 12th International Coatings Congress.
More than 120 important companies of this industry have already confirmed their participation in the 12th Exhibition, which is still attracting new exhibitors. The favourable growth perspectives for the Brazilian and Latin American coatings industry in the coming years is stimulating suppliers, who see ABRAFATI 2011 as an excellent opportunity to expand their businesses. As a result of the investments in oil exploitation, infrastructure improvement, preparation for the Soccer World Cup and the Olympic Games, it is estimated that the Brazilian market will double its current size in a few years. “With this scenario in mind, the event is seen as a unique opportunity to be in contact with over 500 coatings manufacturers who produce more than 1.5 billion litres yearly. We have received many contacts, especially from abroad, where Brazil and Latin America are seen as markets with excellent opportunities, due to their potential”, says the executive president of ABRAFATI (Brazilian Coatings Manufacturers Association), Dilson Ferreira. Therefore, this will probably be the most international of the event’s editions, with significant presence of European,

North American and Asian companies. “At the same time, among the companies with local operations that already have a long tradition of participation, there is very strong confidence in the event, which makes it a priority in their strategies for this and next years, in addition to being seen as the ideal place to introduce products, technologies and services”, he adds.
In the Congress, focus on sustainability
At the 12th International Coatings Congress, many conferences will present ongoing research and recent developments related to sustainability and the future demands related to coatings. “Environmental aspects will be a highlight, because of the growing relevance of the theme for society and for the future of our planet, which strengthens the commitment and concern of the production chain with sustainability”, says Dilson Ferreira. Key themes like the reduction or elimination of VOCs (volatile organic compounds), smaller use of energy and water in production, renewable raw materials, and waste management will be part of the program, being addressed by the world’s most renowned experts.
As it has been happening in every edition of the Congress, many studies on technologies, raw materials and innovative processes will be presented under the form of lectures or posters addressing how to improve the performance of coatings, add functionalities to them, reduce costs and produce less impact on the environment. Being present at the event is regarded essential for the professionals of the industry and for university researchers. This year, 1,500 people are estimated to participate in the congress.

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Abrafati 2011 – exhibition in brazil