Above, over (place)

Above, Over (Place)
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Above and over are prepositions of place. Both words are different from on in that on means the object is touching the surface. Above and over can both mean higher than. When used this way, above is used more often. ex. The bird is flying above the football field. ex. The fan is over the desk.
When something is not directly over something, above is used. ex. My house is above his house on the hill.
When something is covering or touching another thing, over is usually used. ex. You should wear a sweater over your shirt.
When talking about measurements of temperature and height, above is used. ex. It’s five degrees above freezing.
When talking about age and speed, over is usually used. ex. You must be over 21 to drink alcohol is this state.
When talking about written documents like books and magazines, above means written before. ex. Please see the explanation above and give your opinion.

Prepositions of place are found just in front of the place word or phrase.
1. preposition of place + place word or phrase
Ex. above the roof
Ex. over the lake

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Above, over (place)