About my home

About my home

I would like to tell you a few words about my home. To begin with, I live in the City, it’s one of the largest and oldest cities of Europe.

Our family live in a new apartment in one of the largest newly built residential areas. We moved into our apartment seven years ago. It is a three-bedroom apartment on the ninth floor of the nine-stored building. It consists of a living-room, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, a cabinet and two balconies (the first one is in the living-room and the second one is in the Master’s bedroom). Our apartment has all modern conveniences: central heating, running cold and hot water, electricity, telephone and Internet, gas and central air-condition. Besides, there are a lift and a dumpster outside.

The rooms in our apartment are light, though not very large. But the windows face the park with the waterfront and this view is really amazing.

Our living-room is about 25 square meters. It is the largest room in our apartment. We don’t like too much furniture at home, so in the living-room there are two comfortable armchairs, sofa, coffee-table, very soft carpet on the floor and TV-set and DVD-player which are opposite the window. During the day, the light comes in through the window, but at night when it gets dark, we switch on the light and draw the curtains across the windows. We like to receive our guests in this room.
And now I would like to describe our cabinet. At first the room was empty, but soon it has become as a cabinet for me and my husband. There are two writing-tables with computers, a bookcase and a sofa in this room.

Our bedrooms are smaller than a living-room. But the most popular and favorite place with all of us is the kitchen, as we spend so much time there. We aren’t big-eaters, but use the kitchen as a place where we can have a chat about our problems and life, solve some of them.
I the kitchen you can see some bar-stools, a table, a cupboard, a set of built-in closets, a sink with water taps, a fridge and a gas cooker. Of course, we usually have our meals there. We like our apartment very much. It is very important that our house is rather close to the subway station and we can easily get to any place we need.

1. Do you agree with the statement “My home is my fortress”? Why?
2. Describe your place of living. What modern conveniences are there in your flat/ house?
3. Describe your favourite place in your home. Will you be homesick if you leave away from your home for some time?
4. How is it possible to save your home from the intruders?
5. Tell about your family traditions.

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About my home