About me

It was always suffering to speak about myself, because I can’t see myself from aside. But there is a famous saying, who, indeed, knows me, better than me?
Let me introduce myself. My name is…, my surname is…. I was born on the… of…(date) in…(city), Russia. I have lived here ever since then. Now, it’s almost… years. All these years I search my place in a life, and I want to prove firstly to myself, that despite of some difficulties and hesitations about my purpose in life and my predestination, I’m a good person.
My family isn’t all in my city, because of many cousins and second cousins, but in tote, I have a small family. I’m an only child in the family. My mother, …, works as a speech teacher. She started to work early and although her long length of working, she is still young and beautiful. She divorced with my father… years ago, but we often communicate with each other. Besides, I have a very big family tree, but despite of my parents and grandparents, I don’t like visiting my numerous cousins, nephews, nieces, third great grandfathers, and so on. People around me say that it isn’t normal, and I understand, separately they are very interesting persons and we like to spend a time with each other, but together, it’s the big crowd, that’s why I don’t like family holidays. Although, they love and support me, and I know exactly, that I can always apply to help, and they don’t betray me, because it’s a family.
My second family is undoubtedly my school. In my city there is a good school, I study there in the… form and a majority of my life is at school. In the school I found all my friends, and we support each other, help in problems, share secrets and it’s really touching. But of course, the first thing is education and we study for six-seven lessons each day. It is difficult, because of special…(language, math) bias in our school.
School always directs us to choose a job. I want to make an important decision – which profession will be for me? I don’t know. When I look at myself in the mirror, I try to see my future profession, but it’s very difficult for me. My worn appearance doesn’t give me a hint. I can have every profession, but of course, I understand, as a nuclear physicist is not for me, as a director of some corporation, because I have no leadership qualities, and

the best option is my own business, creative, absorbing and lucrative. It will be brought along by my sullen character and will deliver from communication with a lot of people.
As for my interests, I am fond of reading, computer games and putting together jigsaw puzzles. I like walking or running on the…(city) streets, I devote much time to watching my favorite serial called…, and now I make good music videos in professional computer video program with it.
In conclusion, I want to say that despite of my different psychological problems, I try to support all spheres of my life on the high level, which means trying to be a careful son, efficient pupil, respecting townsman and just a good person.

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About me