About ferret

If one wants an entertaining pet that the whole family will be able to have fun with, it would be a ferret. They make an ideal house pet. Ferrets are a close relative of weasel, polecat and the mink. They are amusingly cute however, they require maintenance.

A ferret’s life expectancy is somewhere from 8 to 10 years. The male ferret is two times bigger than a female ferret. Several ferret species exist and each one is characterized by distinguishing color. Their mating season is generally within the months of spring and summer. Ferret pregnancy lasts for 42 days.

Here are some ferret facts you need to be aware of before bringing home a ferret to your family:

– They possess an intense sense of smell.

– Ferrets are short sighted.

– They have a poor sense of hearing.

– They have highly sensitive whiskers.

– They are very affectionate animals.

– Ferrets are born swimmers thus, they swim really well.

– They have great talent for digging.

There are not many people who know where these animals originally come from. Because of this, there are several beliefs about them. Untamed ferrets were disciplined by hunters to become catchers of rodents such as large rats.

Romans were the first to tame ferrets and the domestication resulted to ferrets becoming vulnerable. They are no longer able to survive life in the wilds. Getting a ferret for a pet means you will have to ensure they are well-provided for because hunting is something they can no longer do.

The distinct colors of these animals make them pleasing to the eyes. Imagine a pet with red eyes or a pink coat and how cute would that be. For those who prefer black ferrets, they come in that color, too or in blue/black coats. If you want one that has largely white appearance with touches of red and golden undercoat, it’s the cinnamon ferret for you. The Siamese ferrets are the ones with distinctive broader tails.

It is important to know what a ferret diet is. They are not to be given food that is either sweet or salty. This is not good for them and so are nuts or raisins. Foods with caffeine or alcohol content are dangerous. They can make the life of your ferret short. They can be given poached and mashed fruits or vegetables. It is okay to give them meats too but don’t give them scrapings from your table.

Sometimes ferrets lose weight and there could be several reasons why. They are also sensitive to too much heat or too much such exposure. This can harm your pet and may also be a reason for hair loss. Another reason for hair loss is hormonal imbalance and some irregularities in their glands.

These are ferret facts that one has to know before you go out and get one for a pet.

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About ferret