“a summer of decisions” – chapter 1

Chapter 1

It was now a week into the summer vacation at #4 Privet drive where a young boy named Harry Potter had returned after his fifth year of school, and enough time had finally passed to allow Harry to gain some perspective on the events that had happened during the last year and especially the events at the Department of Mysteries where his godfather had been killed. He finally had been able to distance himself from the pain to realize that he was not completely to blame for his Sirius’ death, he now understood that the blame for the death of his godfather rest on six people: himself, for not thinking things through before going to try and “rescue” Sirius, Sirius for not taking the duel seriously, Snape for constantly antagonizing Sirius while he was stuck in Grimmauld Place, Professor Dumbledore for ordering Sirius to stay in the house and by hiding many things from Harry that he needed to know, Bellatrix for casting the curse that sent Sirius through

the veil, and finally on Voldemort for being the one in charge of those who had killed the most important people in Harry’s short life.

With this realization he was finally able to come to terms with the death of his godfather and be able to see that he was not to blame for all the things that had happened to everyone since entering the wizarding world as he initially had after hearing the prophecy only weeks before. However, even realizing that he was not to blame did not mean that he would sit idle and do nothing while Voldemort grew stronger, no he had decided to train and prepare himself for the fight that was to come.

With the decision to train he was forced to reluctantly admit that he would need to do what the sorting hat had wanted to do when he first arrived at school, let out his inner Slytherin. He would need to no let his bravery be the dominant influence on his mind, he needed to use his cunning and ambition to come out of hiding. He had always been smart, but had constantly held back when he was still going to muggle schools because he would get into trouble by outshining his cousin, now he needed to no longer hold back and finally show the world what he was truly capable of.

The first step to accomplishing his new goal was to speak with his Uncle, he was going to need several things during his stay at the Dursley’s this summer. So after breakfast that morning Harry stopped his Uncle from leaving the table and started talking.

“Uncle Vernon,” said Harry.

“Yes boy, what is it?” he growled at his nephew.

“I am going to need you to take me to an optometrist and possibly a sporting goods store.” Harry stated while watching his Uncle become slightly upset.

“And why should I do that you ungrateful brat?”

“Two reasons: One because if you don’t I will tell my minders that you have been treating me poorly and then they will show up here, and second because you will not be paying for anything and I will make it worth your while.” Harry stated.

“Oh really, and how can you make it worth my while? You have no money so you wont even be able to pay for the things you want.” Vernon sneered.

“My parents left me some money that will be more than enough to pay for whatever I need.”

“What? You have had money the whole time? You will go and bring it to us!

“a summer of decisions” – chapter 1