A neighbor’s advice


(two neighbours in the backyard)

Fred: (looking at James’ back yard) I’ve got to admit you have a beautiful backyard James. How do you do it?
James: Well, it does take time and patience. But I’ve also got a few secrets…

Fred: OK, OK, what do I have to do to get you to reveal your secrets? You know if I had the money, I’d just hire a gardener.
James: No, no you needn’t do that. I’d never hire a gardener. Working in the yard is the greatest form of relaxation that I know of!

Fred: You’re kidding, right?! I would never have planted so many trees if I had known how much work they’d require.
James: You see, that’s your problem. Right there. Your attitude is all wrong.

Fred: Excuse me. My attitude is wrong? What does attitude have to do with gardening?
James: You’ve got to love working in the backyard – that’s my secret!

Fred: Love working in the backyard – –

What! What kind of secret is that? I expected some special lawnmower, or a special type of gardening tool.
James: No, any lawnmower or tool will do the job. It’s all in the mind.

Fred: I can’t believe what you’re saying. Let me see if I understand this: …
James: It’s very simple…

Fred: If I had a better feeling about my work in the garden, everything would be wonderful. I’d have a beautiful lawn like you, I’d have healthy plants like you.
James: … yes, yes that’s it. You’ve got it!

Fred: … all just a simple matter of enjoying myself.
James: Now you understand.

Fred: Look, can I borrow the tea you are drinking? Because, to tell you the truth, I think you’re crazy!!
James: Oh, Fred, we live in modern times, but the old farmers know: what you put into the land you reap.

Fred: On second thought, I think I’ll just pay a gardener.
James: Ha ha, that won’t work.

Fred: Why not?
James: Because he has to enjoy his gardening…

Fred: Please, James, thank you very much for your advice. But, don’t start in again!

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A neighbor’s advice