7 tips that will make your blog stand out

Et’s be ultra-honest here; most blogs are boring as heck. They look like any other blog, their content is like any other blog – and they are as forgettable as any other blog.

Great blogs stand out because they have unique brands behind them! There’s only one Gary Vaynerchuk, one Chris Brogan and one… YOU!

Blogging in an overcrowded world means to you have to move beyond the crowd. Be a brand that’s so ridiculously unique that it attracts people like an iPad launch.

Buckle up, clear your mind and inhale the following tips that will make your blog stand out!
Write like no one else! Forget about copying other blogs; that’s not cool in this life and it won’t be in the next one. Be uber-creative with the way you blog: invent word combos, play with the grammar, use epic words (heaven, oblivion) or write in third person. Anything goes.
Be a little “too”. Gary V is too loud, iJustine is too silly and Perez Hilton is too brash. What can you do that’s a little bit “too”?
Try out new stuff. I constantly come up with strange blog concepts and pages. Some of them work, some don’t. It doesn’t matter, my readers like what I’m doing and they want to see more of it. By trying out new stuff you’ll find out what works and you’ll excite your readers along the process.
Have a kick-ass logo. I almost love my logo more than my mother. Every cool brand on this planet has a logo – it’s their essence compressed into the form of symbol. A remarkable logo sets you worlds apart from your competitors.
Put your face out there. I swear to heaven, too many blogger hide behind their banner. Dang it, show us your face! Use it for your Twitter profile, your avatar pic and grace your Facebook fan page with it. This will establish an emotional connection between you and your reader, and that’s what we all want, right?

compromise. This one should be the 11th commandment: Find your style, and sharpen it like a battle sword. Strange word choice? Make it stranger! Tendency to mention food in your post? Food ’em up! Like cussing? Be a cussionator! Seriously, censoring is for the average, only remarkable blogger stay true to themselves!
Change the status quo. Almost every blogger uses lists. Almost every blogger makes interviews. Well, you are not any blogger! Maybe you should do an interview, where you challenge your candidates. Maybe you should use oversized pics to boost your blog post design. Whatever everyone else is doing is already done, so it’s part of the establishment. Look at what they do and then do the opposite!

You know what’s worse than being hated? Being ignored. It’s the kiss of death in the blogosphere. But by flavoring your awesome blog with your unique personality, you’ll dramatically stand out from the crowd and burn your personal brand into our global consciousness!

What are YOU doing to make your personal brand (and your blog) stand out??

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7 tips that will make your blog stand out