5 most famous people in the world

1. Tiger Woods – Considered to being the most famous person today in the sports field, was born in 1975, on December 30. His achievements hold him to be among the top successful professional golfers, also being the highest paid athlete in 2008. His fame is credited to being the highest rated watched golfer on television, known in history.

2. Bill Gates – He is from a family of entrepreneurs, known for making strides in business and finance and was born in 1955, October 28. His father is an attorney and his mother was a school teacher. At an early age, he had an interest in software, and proceeded at the age of 13, to begin programming computers. As a young teenager, he partnered with a friend and ran a small company, in Seattle. He bought his computer to count the traffic in the city.

3. Oprah Winfrey – She is known as a top actress, producer, magazine publisher, literary critic and a media personality, born in 1954, January 29. Known world-wide for her talk show, becoming the highest rated program ever, of its kind. According to some people, she is the most influential woman of the world.

4. Nelson Mandela – He was born to a chief of a South African tribe in 1918, July 18. He was imprisoned for trying to overthrow the government with violence. He spent years enduring hard labour, along with seven others and sentenced to life in prison. His reputation grew, as being a black leader and a symbol of resistance, as the anti-apartheid movement became stronger. He would not compromise his political position to gain his freedom.

5. Madonna – She was born to a father, who became an engineer, and her mother, an x-ray technician and formerly a dancer, in 1958, August 16. As she grew up in a very strict Catholic family, (five siblings) and her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer while she was pregnant with Madonna’s youngest sister. The cancer developed, as treatments couldn’t proceed because of the pregnancy, and after the birth, her mother died when she was only five.

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5 most famous people in the world