47 ways to fine tune your brain by steven aitchison

Your brain is a complex organ. It is the controller of your body, your thoughts, your state of mind and your ultimately your life. There are some who abuse it, some who under – use it, and some who overuse it to the point of meltdown.

In this article we’ll look at dozens of tactics that will help you maintain your brain into old age and help to increase your mental agility and cognitive development.

1. Don’t try and multitask; it can’t be done.
Our brains can only focus and concentrate on one thing at a time, this is a proven scientific fact. While you can most likely handle multiple menial tasks, anything that requires you to concentrate, reason, or decide deserves full focus.

2. Exercise your brain, not just your body.
A lot of us leave learning behind when we leave school, college or university. Keep the brain fit by learning something new, whether it be a language, a new skill or musical instrument.

3. The world is a mystery.
Use your brain to constantly ask questions and explore your surroundings. Continually exercise your brain by not accepting everything you see and hear: question it and free your sense of curiosity.

4. Use both hemispheres
Use the left hemisphere of your brain to practice logical, mathematical problems in your life. Use the right hemisphere to unleash your creativity. You will know what side is dominant so make it a point to practice using your non dominant hemisphere.

5. Get to know your sleeping pattern.
Your brain needs sleep as much as your body but everybody is different. I function on 5-6 hours you might work best on 8-9 hours.

6. Feed your brain decent information.
Your brain is learning throughout the night, so give it something worthwhile to feed it. Our brain is not restoring energy whilst we are sleeping it is cutting out the noise and going over the days events and processing it; give it some great material to process.


If you want to learn more whilst studying, start pacing.
If you are reading a book, start pacing. Movement gets the blood flowing and this helps oxygenate your brain. I walked my way through university and have taught my sons study walking to help them memorize information.

8. You’ve heard it before.
Exercise is probably the number 1 way to increase the brains capabilities in every way possible, from memory to creativity. There’s no getting around it, we all need to exercise.

9. Keep Social
Staying socially active has been shown to keep your brain sharp well into old age.

10. Use the internet to keep your brain active.
A University of California Los Angeles team found searching the web stimulated centers in the brain that controlled decision-making and complex reasoning.

11. Eat dark chocolate.
Yes, eating dark chocolate has been shown to be beneficial for releasing an important brain chemical called dopamine. Dopamine aids in learning and memory.

12. Learn a song.
Learn the lyrics of some of your favorite songs to keep your listening skills and memory skills alive.

13. Watch brain stimulating movies.
Movies that make you think (such as mysteries) help keep your brain and mind active.

14. Play video games
This has been shown to increase cognitive abilities and can help fight Alzheimer’s.

15. Practice doing things with your non-dominant hand.
This stimulates the brain in many areas and also can be quite fun.

16. Use meditation as a way to alleviate your stress.

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47 ways to fine tune your brain by steven aitchison