27 utterances of marilyn monroe

1. “For breakfast I eat 2 eggs and a glass of hot milk. I never eat dessert. I never wear underwear, unnecessarily I think that is very important to breathe freely. I wash my hair and every day. Every morning I run around my home. “

2. “I can walk for hours and I like it!”

3. “I always wear clothing appropriate”.

4. “I used to sit at night and look at Hollywood, thinking about the fact that hundreds of these same girls as I sit alone and dream of becoming stars one day. But I’m not going to worry about them. I wanted the strongest of all.”

5. “Nobody told me that I was pretty as a child. All the little girls need it, even if they are not.”

6. Marilyn about his mother: “For me it is just a woman with red hair.”

7. When asked a friend (late 40s): “What if 50 percent of the experts in Hollywood will tell you that you have no talent, what would you do?”, She replied: “Listen, if 100 percent of it will say everything will be 100 percent wrong”

8. “A woman can not be alone. She needs a man. A man and a woman support and give strength to each other. It is impossible to achieve alone.”

9. “People like to look at me as if I were a mirror, and not man. They see not me, but their own filthy thoughts. And to wash themselves, they vilify me.”

10. “All my life I’ve played Marilyn Monroe, Marilyn Monroe, Marilyn Monroe… I’ve always tried to do better and what came of it? – I’m an imitation of itself. And I would so like to do something else, so I ran to Arthur… When we got married I had imagined that I could do it, go through it from Marilyn Monroe, but… I again she was, and still doing the same thing as before. “

11. “If I have a little girl – she will be nothing of Norma Jean. I know how I will educate. No lies! There will

be no lies about dead-cold, and I told her just not going to tell you that the world is full of noble and beneficent people who seek only, to love your neighbor and to create good. No No lies! “

12. “I have always had the feeling that I’m nobody, and I’m of something only when getting another one! Maybe that’s why I decided to become an actress.”

13. “In Hollywood, you pay $ 1,000 for a kiss, and only 50 cents for your soul. I know this because I often had to reject the first proposal, but my soul is not for sale.”

14. “Why are people so obsessed with just having sex? I think it’s no less interesting than the cleaning shoe.”

15. “Well it can be seen only with the heart, the essence remains the same for glaza not visible!”

16. “I’m willing to live in a world governed by men, as long as I can be in this world woman”

17. “Husbands are usually good in bed, when changing the wives’

18 .- Is it true that you have Silent agreed to pose nude?
– No, I had the receiver is connected!

19. “Even though I appear on calendars, but punctuality is not different.”

20. “I’m definitely a woman, and it pleases me.”

21. “I’m not used to being happy, and therefore did not consider happiness as something obligatory for myself.”

22. “Love and work – the only things in life are worth. Work – is a form of love.”

23. “I started her career as a stupid bitch, blonde. And just as I finish.”

24. “Career – a wonderful thing, but she did not warm on a cold night.”

25. ‘Do not expect more than can be achieved “

26. “Vanity kills”

27. “Do not worry, and worry.”
(не волноваться, а волновать)

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27 utterances of marilyn monroe