Топики по английскому языку с переводом

Google, the world’s largest search company, is formally making its pitch to become a major force in social networking. The product it announced Tuesday is called Google+, and observers might wonder whether it’s simply one more social effort by a company that’s had a lousy track record in that field to date. Parts of it… Read Article →

The IMF’s Emerging Conflict. Europe is circling the wagons. Forced to select a new head of the International Monetary Fund during a debt crisis, European politicians have lined up behind French Finance Minister Christine Lagarde, who announced her candidacy Wednesday. That solution makes sense in Brussels. Ms. Lagarde has been in the thick of talks… Read Article →

Today’s networks have a significant impact on our lives – changing the way we live, work, and play. Computer networks – and in a larger context the Internet – allow people to communicate, collaborate, and interact in ways they never did before. We use the network in a variety of ways, including web applications, IP… Read Article →

A well dressed businessman got into a Manhattan cab and asked to be taken to LaGuardia. While stuck in the traffic jam, the businessman leaned forward and said, “How’s your spirit of adventure?” “What do you mean?” “Well, I have to be in Chicago for a meeting, but the thought of flying there just bores… Read Article →

Microsoft Word is a powerful word processing program and simultaneously a desktop publishing program. One can use Word to create any type of document, to make calculations and sorting. One can import graphics or spreadsheets, create multiply columns and complex tables, and link information in one^s Word documents to other documents – that is to… Read Article →

BOOK ONE / CHAPTER 3 It was a warm spring night and I sat at a table on the terrace of the Napolitain after Robert had gone, watching it get dark and the electric signs come on, and the red and green stop-and-go traffic-signal, and the crowd going by, and the horse-cabs clippety-clopping along at… Read Article →

Ainsley, a post-office sorter, turned the envelope over and over in his hands. The letter was addressed to his vrife and had an Australian stamp. Ainsley knew that the sender was Dicky Soames, his wife’s cousin. It was the second letter Ainsley received after Dicky’s departure. The first letter had come six months before, he… Read Article →

On the third day of CAST2011, Jeff (another tester) and I played the hidden picture exercise with James Bach. We were to uncover a hidden picture, one pixel at a time, uncovering the fewest amount of pixels possible in a short amount of time. This forced us to think about the balance between coverage and… Read Article →

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