Топики по английскому языку с переводом

How offensive is that? Jesus has just been nailed to the cross and has begun to suffer from the wounds, […]

Once upon a time… a woodcutter lived happily with his wife in a pretty little log cabin in the middle […]

So tonight I’m gonna get him Got a rendezvous at seven Faire l’amour toujours, so funny Wanna spend all of […]

Your resume is a body of work. It’s got a head, a body, and perhaps a footer. Hopefully you don’t […]

Reaching the end of a job interview, the human resources person asked a young engineer fresh out of MIT, “And […]

Once upon a time two poor Woodcutters were making their way home through a great pine-forest. It was winter, and […]

A man in a bar sees a friend at a table, drinking by himself. Approaching the friend he comments, “You […]

Every day, first thing in the morning, figure out Something Amazing that you want to work on today. It can […]

14 September 2011 The Moscow Times Russia will lose at least 10 million able-bodied workers by 2025 and must attract […]

JONATHAN HARKER’S JOURNAL 3 May. Bistritz. – Left Munich at 8:35 P. M, on 1st May, arriving at Vienna early […]

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